Critical perspectives on
international trade

How to use #Brexit to stop companies suing governments & lowering environmental standards by @mattgradytwit #isds
Indian Farmers And Trade Unionists Protest Fta

Trade and international development

Why trade policies can make or break efforts to meet international development goals

Brexit Zip

Trade, Brexit and the European Union

The implications for trade justice as the UK defines a new trading relationship with the EU

Justice Money

Bilateral Investment Treaties and ISDS

How BITs and ISDS transfer business risk to ordinary people

Lng Ship

Trade and climate change

What has trade got to do with climate change?

Reports & Briefings

International Trade for the Common Good

CAFOD paper outlining five principles that the UK government must consider for each of its future trade deals

Friends of the Earth report on the impact of TTIP on agriculture

Studies show that export opportunities created through TTIP predict falls in the price paid to EU farmers in every food category

Oil corporations vs. Climate: how investors use trade agreements to undermine climate action

Canadian company TransCanada has announced its plan to sue the US government for more than US$15 billion under the North American Free Trade Agreement

Post-Brexit Trade: Options for continued and improved market access arrangements for developing countries

A Traidcraft report exploring how the upcoming rewrite of trade deals could be an opportunity to create fairer trade terms for developing countriess

Investment Agreement Advocacy Guide

This guide is in 9 sections providing background information to those new to the issue initially aimed at Civil Society Organisations in Africa

Global Justice Now’s Guide to CETA

If you thought Brexit meant that we would be free of the terrible impacts of TTIP, the controversial US-EU trade deal, it is time to think again.