Critical perspectives on
international trade

What would a democratic procedure for negotiating and ratifying UK trade agreements include? Read TJM's new report……
Indian Farmers And Trade Unionists Protest Fta

Trade and international development

Why trade policies can make or break efforts to meet international development goals

Brexit Zip

Trade, Brexit and the European Union

The implications for trade justice as the UK defines a new trading relationship with the EU

Justice Money

Bilateral Investment Treaties and ISDS

How BITs and ISDS transfer business risk to ordinary people

Lng Ship

Trade and climate change

What has trade got to do with climate change?

Reports & Briefings

Trade Justice Movement submission to APPG for Trade out of Poverty Inquiry

Trade Justice Movement submission to the APPG for Trade out of Poverty Inquiry - Can the Commonwealth help developing countries trade out of poverty?

Feedback from the Trade Justice Movement on the white paper "Preparing for our future UK trade policy"

Response from TJM to the UK government's proposals on trade policy

Can trade and investment policy support ambitious climate action?

A report outlining options that could be implemented to tackle climate impacts of trade agreements

Stepping Away from ISDS

A briefing on how countries in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe are stepping away from the controversial ISDS mechanism