Past Campaign Success

  • Put People First March and Rally, March 2009

    On 28 March 2009, 35,000 marched through London as part of a global campaign to challenge the G20, ahead of their summit on the global financial crisis.  Put People First is a platform of nearly 200 groups campaigning for jobs, justice and climate.

  • Lobby of all EU Embassies - 19 April 2007

    On 19 April 2007, London campaigners staged the first ever simultaneous lobby of all EU embassies, telling EU governments to stop pushing unfair economic partnership agreements on poor countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP).

  • Campaign changes accountability law for corporations , 2006

    Successful campaigning by the CORE coalition and TJM resulted in the biggest shake up of company law for 150 years - the Companies Act 2006. 100 000 people contacted their MP to demand that they 'right corporate wrongs'

  • Trade Justice in Make Poverty History - 2005

    Trade Justice was one of the key asks of MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY, a unique UK alliance formed in 2005. MPH's trade justice events included the biggest mass lobby of parliament ever and the hand in of 750 000 votes for trade justice.

  • Global Week Of Action - Wake Up to Trade Justice, 15/16 April 2005

    UK campaigners joined 10 million people in over 80 countries to take part in A Global Week of Action for Trade Justice. 25 000 people came to the climax of the week in the UK – the Wake up to Trade Justice all night vigil in Westminster

  • Launch of Vote for Trade Justice, Brighton. 26 Sept 2004

    Six thousand campaigners converged on Brighton on the opening day of the Labour Party conference to launch Vore for Trade Justice and demand the UK Government ends global poverty.

  • Scale up for Trade Justice - 27/28 June 2003

    Over 24 hours in June 2003, tens of thousands of trade justice campaigners took part in the UK's biggest marathon political lobby, telling more than 500 British MPs how poor countries need trade rules weighted in their favour.

  • Speak out for trade justice - 19 June 2002

    More than 12,000 campaigners put trade justice high on the political agenda when they converged on Westminster for the biggest ever mass lobby of Parliament on 19 June, 2002.

  • Trade Justice Parade - 3 November 2001

    On Saturday 3 November 2001, just ahead of the first Doha round at the WTO, eight thousand people joined the Trade Justice Parade in London, to call for fairer rules governing international trade.